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21st IOA meeting held

 IOA Members and Guests

The 21st meeting of the International Optoelectronics Association was held on 22-23 April in Zurich. Members discussed local and global photonics trends and market data. The following member organisations were present:

  • Photonscanada
  • Swissphotonics
  • OIDA
  • EPIC
  • OptecBB
  • PIDA
  • SOA

The IOA also welcomed guest representatives from the following organisations:

  • IDEA Consult
  • NRF
  • Swissphotonics
  • NTU
  • Greater Zurich Area AG
  • NRF
  • Spectaris
  • NTU
  • Photonics21
  • CSA / ISA

IOA Members on the Skywalk

International Year of Light website

The website for the International Year of Light 2015 has been launched. The URL is:

2013 IOA meeting held

The 18th annual meeting of the International Optoelectonics Associate was held in Brussels on 10th-14th December 2013, hosted by EPIC. Members from a number of photonics membership associations around the world met to review photonics market data in various key sectors and discuss how best to represent the photonics industry to national governments.

Photonics: revolutionsing our world

A new publication by the Photonics group of the UK's Knowledge Transfer Network highlights the impact photonics makes on all our lives. The brochure shows how photonics is becoming one of the key industries for the future focused with examples from the transport, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Photonics brochure cover image

Photonics - revolutionising our world